A co-creative space born from the passion of establishing interactions between creative disciplines using design as the main channel to connect users and their feelings.  

Focusing on conceptual thinking, our method traces experiments from materials to spaces. We investigate their inherent characteristics, challenging the relationship between crafts, industry and innovation. The synthesis through design, art and functionality, combined with an acute sense of aesthetics, creates products that become experiences.  

Architectural values and passion never left us, this is why we also build experiences, not just interiors. We achieve this through art exhibitions and installations that actively engage visitors to develop ideas in our  
in-residence programs and workshops.  

Our studio is located in the upcoming artsy neighborhood of Justicia in Madrid. The space was designed not just as a place to foster inspiration and creative energy, but also as a meeting point for everyone due to our street level glass-open façades and no walls policy. The goal was to create a transparent and flexible space that is truly functional for us and the city.




Vanessa Redondo - Founder & Art Director

1987. Caracas-Venezuela. Architect.

Drawn by challenges and new perspectives, her style fades away the boundaries between art, design and architecture in an attempt to return to the value of finely handcrafted and unique objects.

"Our products and experiences are innately useful, emotionally relevant and intensely personal"


Zuhey Hernández - Fashion & Trends Director

1986. Caracas-Venezuela. Fashion Designer & Trends.

Shape as an architect, but moved by her passion for the fashion world as a social fact, how it influences us personally and the way people express and defined them self towards a particular group.

Ana Carel Hernández

Material Engineer & Product Designer 

Sandra Rubio 

Product Designer & Industrial Engineer

Valeria C. Ramos

Architect  & Visual Communication